Avi Shankar is

Professor of Consumer Research

in the School of Management 

at the University of Bath.


"Buy Less: Choose Well"
Vivienne Westwood

Shop Well for Less



I was approached by RDF Television to help them understand why some people are such bad shoppers! In addition to advising them, I also appear on the show alongside the two wonderful presenters Alex Jones and Steph McGovern. Series 1 appeared in March 2016 featuring 2 families and Series 2 aired in March and May 2017 featuring 6 families. You can visit the BBC webpage here.

If you’d like to know more about the “science” behind the show then you can find out more on my blog page.

Avi Shankar in Shop Well For Less

A reviewer once said of one of my papers...

"Quite possibly the most pretentious paper I've ever read."

I took it as a compliment...

I am best known for my research into

Consumer Tribes. 


Consumer Tribes book cover

In this groundbreaking book, and thanks to the collective efforts of my co-editors Bernard Cova and Rob Kozinets and a wonderful group of authors, we offer a glimpse into how people become consumers by using marketplace resources to forge feelings of togetherness.

The underlying motto in our book is:

“the link is more important than the thing.”

This means that what people value upmost is the ability of marketplace resources, like brands, social media and leisure interests and activities, to enable them to interact with other like-minded people. Along the way, we challenge some of marketing’s most cherished foundational concepts. It’s nearly ten years old now but you can still get a copy.