The Sugar Tax

Will the sugar tax work? Unless the Chancellor, George Osborne, changes his mind or his plans are deemed too crazy by Parliament, as seems so often with his Budgets, then the UK Government is to introduce a sugar tax. But will it work? It really depends on what they mean by work? Will it improve… Read more »

Shop Well For Less

Shop Well For Less: The “Science” Behind the Show How can we help people shop well for less? My initial reaction when I was asked by RDF Television to advise them on their TV show for BBC1 was to say: “Well people could just shop less and do something more beneficial for themselves and their… Read more »

Binge Drinking

It’s commonplace, at least in some sections of the tabloid press, and the outer reaches of satellite TV, to see young people portrayed as drunken delinquents, only interested in binge-drinking, sex or preferably both, one after the other. However, the story that’s obscured by these media constructions of moral panic is more complicated. Let’s be clear… Read more »

On Managing…

I’ve just done my stint as head of group at a research-intensive university’s management school. It’s been an eye-opener. As you would expect from a bunch of management school academics, in charge of managing a bunch of management school academics, there was a lot of practicing what we preach – restructuring, reimagining workload models and… Read more »