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How John Lewis Owns Christmas

Here’s an article I wrote with my colleague Tim Hill for The Conversation about John Lewis’ 2016 Christmas advertising campaign. How John Lewis Owns Christmas

The Performativity of Medicine

The performativity of medicine. I’ve had a few blood tests recently. I got an email from my brother, who happens to be a doctor, suggesting that we (me and my other brother) get our bloods done. He listed a few symptoms and one resonated with me. You see, for a while, I’d been feeling wiped… Read more »

Reflections on Graduation

My sons graduated this year. As parents, we always encouraged and supported them to study whatever they wanted to. The only thing I ever said was: “I don’t mind what you study so long as it’s not business, management or marketing.” Both paid £9,000 per year for their courses. One attended Leicester, the other Cambridge; one… Read more »

The Undecided: Should we stay or should we go?

The Undecided: Should we stay or should we go? As a professor of consumer research I’m supposed to know something about how people make choices.  Well, we’re three weeks away from making the biggest choice ever, or at least the biggest choice in a generation: should we choose to stay in Europe or should we… Read more »