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The Undecided: Should we stay or should we go?

The Undecided: Should we stay or should we go? As a professor of consumer research I’m supposed to know something about how people make choices.  Well, we’re three weeks away from making the biggest choice ever, or at least the biggest choice in a generation: should we choose to stay in Europe or should we… Read more »

“Bloody immigrants…”

“Bloody immigrants, coming over here and stealing ‘our’ jobs…” It was ever thus. And yet another immigrant has ‘stolen’ another job. This time, it was a rather big job: Mayor of London. But the new Mayor isn’t an immigrant at all. Like me, he’s the son of immigrants, was born in London and is the… Read more »

I’m falling out with Labour…

I’m falling out with Labour… My political consciousness was forged from the late 1970s onwards. The Prime Minister at the time was Margaret Thatcher. My first run in with Maggie occurred when I was working for Citibank just before I went to university in 1982. We were at war with Argentina over the Falkland Islands… Read more »